Thursday, April 11, 2013

Right Practice, Better Future

What field of Pharmacy will you choose to practice?

Choosing a field of practice as a Pharmacist is a critical part of a fresh graduate. The scope of pharmacy practice is comprehensive but choosing a specific one will make you an expert. This doesn’t mean you can’t shift from being a community pharmacist to a hospital pharmacist. You can certainly change your mind once or twice. But more than that I think you need a serious time to consider your strengths and weaknesses before jumping to another field. You may also need to check your motives and goals going to a certain direction. 

You need to fill up your brain with the right information in order to become competitive. It is like putting things in proper cabinet organizers. For instance, if you want to work abroad, you need to choose community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy to practice. Why? Because most of the jobs abroad require these posts. Having said that, you need gain at least 2 years of experience on either field.

Let me just share to you that not all countries recognized our curriculum. Although it’s given that we really need to be qualified in order to practice our profession abroad. Still other countries thought that we don’t meet their standards. Some even suggests that we need to study for four more years. That is ridiculous, isn’t it?

Anyhow, I believe there many good companies in the Philippines that can give pharmacists better and stable jobs. Just research about the company before applying for a position. Then, if you think the job suits you well, prepare for your application. Make a neat and organized resume and get ready for the interview.

To the fresh graduates and newly qualified pharmacists, God bless to your chosen field of practice and to you future jobs.

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