Monday, April 15, 2013

Healthy Ageing

What is healthy ageing? How to achieve it?

Healthy Ageing is the manner of enhancing the mental, physical, and social capacity of an older people. This is made possible when the older people belong to a safe community giving them the chance to actively participate in the society without inequity and independence. Self-control is the key factor to autonomy. It is essential to give old people enough space, time, and opportunity in order for them to continuously development themselves with self- respect and positive attitude. Adequate support in terms of health services and programmes will keep the aging society away from diseases or minimize illnesses that will limit their healthy participation in the community.

      There are many aspects to consider achieving healthy ageing.
·         Independence in old age to achieve personal control
·         Maintaining balance in a changing life situation
·         Disability in ageing

Different people may have different interpretation of healthy ageing. Some organizations or researches pertain healthy ageing as positive ageing or active ageing.

by: lencilicious (also known as reallady  in Triond)

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