Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Factors That Cause Pharmacy Errors

Pharmacists should be attentive in providing their service to the public. We are working under legal and regulatory laws. We are accountable for every mistake we make. 

Pharmacy malpractice can lead to decrease of income, health trouble or even death of the patient, and suspension or your license revoked. We don’t want these things to happen to us. Let us be careful in handing medicines to our patients/customers.
  • High prescription volume / too many customers
  • Distractions like telephone calls
  • Shortage of support staff
  • Look-alike/sound-alike drug names
  • Inadequate opportunity to counsel
  • No one to ensure what is about to dispense
  • Wrong interpretation of prescription
  • Unreadable/ poor handwriting
  • Overwork, Fatigue and Stress
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