Thursday, April 11, 2013

Drug Take-Back Day

I am not so sure of how drug disposal system is carried out in our country. But I hope that health care professionals, consumers/ patients or any one in possession of expired medicine have the proper knowledge on how to throw away expired medication.

In United States, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) set a specific day and location to collect the unwanted medicines. They do this service for free and with no question. An individual can simply drop by and hand over those medicines to the officials and they will take care of the disposal. They have set the next collection on April 27, 2013. If you live in USA, just visit their website to check the disposal stations. 

If there is no take-back in your location, you can throw your unwanted or expired medicines in your household trash. Before doing that make sure that you remove them from their original containers and wrappers. Then mix them with unpleasant material such as kitty litter and put them inside a sealable plastic bag. I am certain that this will not be appealing to any one who accidentally or intentionally go over your trash. This technique is also advised to consumer by FDA USA. Any person who's not sure how to dispose your unwanted/expired medicines, feel free to contact a local pharmacist. 

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