Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tips in Setting Up and Running a Pharmacy Business

March 13, 2013

Here are few reminders in setting up and running a pharmacy business
  • Before anything else, plan everything before you choose to join the business world.
  • Prepare every document according to the requirements. Have a checklist to guide you.
  • Remember to have all legal documents notarized before submitting them to FDA or any government agencies you deal with along the way. 
  • Make sure that you photocopy every piece of document that you are going to submit in FDA and keep them in a secure place.
  • Have a readable and well-lit business sign.
  • Once LTO (License to Operate) is on hand, display it in conspicuous place along with the copy of Pharmacist’s PRC Certificate.
  • Purchase your stocks and supplies to FDA certified dealers and distributors only.
  • Keep delivery receipts accordingly and preferably by supplier.
  • Promote your business by giving away leaflets. You can find great printing company to design the leaflets you need. In US for instance there are number of decent printing companies to cater this need which you can find in I bet in Philippines there are many good printing companies and even marketing companies to help you in promoting your business.
  • Always update your record books.
  • Inventory should be done in a regular manner for two purposes. First is for re-ordering of stocks and supplies. Second is to check the quality and expiration of your merchandise.
  • Always operate the business in the presence of a Pharmacist. 

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