Monday, March 11, 2013

Tips on Becoming a Competitive and Effective Pharmacist

Working abroad as Filipino Pharmacist is not only fulfilling responsibilities to families. Bringing gold, silver dollars home also means being away to families and friends. But if it also means growing more as an individual, then go ahead explore your profession in other countries.

Photo Courtesy of Melvin Dacdac
I salute all Pinoy Pharmacist that are striving hard to excel on their chosen field of practice in Philippines and abroad. Hope that the following tips will help us to become more competitive and effective pharmacists.
  1. Know what’s good and bad in practicing your profession.
  2. Follow the law.
  3. Continue to attend seminars and training that will enhance your skills.
  4. Keep reading books that will enrich your learning about your profession.Dispense responsibly. You must know by heart everything you share to your patients or customers.
  5. Memory is so tricky, so always keep a notebook and pen to take note of new ideas you learned along the way. That will become useful someday.
  6. Please do not just hand out the medicine to your patients and customers. Create a special connection with them by giving them more than what they ask for.
  7. In idle moments at work, use the time to read some product inserts or to study a medical device. So the next time someone asks you on something, you can confidently answer them.
  8. Do not be discouraged by annoying boss. Take it as a challenge.
  9. Take time to analyze your own work performance. That will enable you to see what aspect of your profession you need to grow more.  
  10. If you’re unhappy with your job, weigh and think everything again and again before resigning your post. There might be some things that can be change or work around in order to be happy. If at the end of the day, still you feel the same, then move on.

How about you, do you have any tips to share to become competitive and effective pharmacists?

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  1. Hi Len,
    Thanks for stopping in my blog today and left a comment. What a noble job you have in there. I am always proud to all hardworking Filipinos abroad like you :-) . Keep up the good work Len.

    Anyway, since you are in Ireland, I am just curious, is it really true that there's no snakes there? My husband is half Irish and told me this.


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