Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Dream Pharmacy

What is your dream pharmacy? We all know that we need to comply with the requirements of FDA Philippines in setting up a drugstore. But most importantly we must remember that the floor area should not be less than 15 square meters.

Setting up a new pharmacy is not an easy job. You must have proper layout or plan to achieve a desirable and comfortable working space. Following that is the security of the place. You must also choose fitted cabinets and drawers appropriate for the set-up.

After considering every important detail, it’s time to decorate the place. A good ambiance will attract costumers. Outside, I want it to look like a European old house. When time comes that I will set-up my own pharmacy business, I will consider putting wall fountain in one corner of the store that will create a soothing surrounding for the pharmacists, staff and customers. I also love to have a small room for pharmacist to do their clerical jobs. I have so many things in mind concerning the design of my dream pharmacy. Hope someday I can have my chance to make it happen.

How about you, do you have a dream pharmacy business?

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