Thursday, March 14, 2013

Healthy Tips This Summer

Summer is here. Guess who love summer more. Virus and Bacteria.

Just recently a good friend of ours, visited for Palawan Holiday. He definitely will not forget the beautiful island of Palawan, the famous Underground River and the lovely El Nido beach. But he will also not forget the “Pink Eye” or Sore Eyes. He got one on his way back home. I’m not saying he got it from entering the cave or whatever. But all I think of was he didn’t protect himself very well while enjoying under the sun.

It’s been tough 1 and half months of suffering with this condition. He was almost scheduled for surgery. Thank God he does not get to that point. Two or three ointments were prescribed to him in order to rid of the stubborn virus.

Here are few tips to stay healthy this summer:
  1. Always take bath. Cleaning yourself is important to wash away dirt and other parasites attach on our skin.
  2. Change your cloth after every bath.
  3. Bring sanitizer or alcohol when you go out. Public places are full of happy bacteria and virus waiting for their next host.
  4. Always put on sunscreen protection. SPF 15 or greater would be better.
  5. Use sunglasses to protect you from harmful ray of the sun. Sunglasses like  revo sunglasses can also keep your eyes from catching some foreign things and even prevent you from touching your eyes directly.
  6. Always use slippers inside and outside of your house especially when you go swimming. Some bacteria love to inhabit in wet places.
  7. Choose a clean swimming resort for your summer break. It’s better to consider a not so crowded place.
  8. Keep hydrated. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices.
  9. Take Vitamin C to boost your immune system.


  1. Tips like these is very helpful especially for Moms like me who wants to ensure that our kids are safe to go out and enjoy the hot weather.

  2. these are great tips to protect ourselves from virus and bacteria, and so we could continue to enjoy the beautiful life outside, it is not fun to be sick at all.

  3. heard the same story about a family who came from a vacation in Boracay. summer sure spells fun but we do need to take note of some summer health tips. thanks for sharing yours. :)

  4. Great summer tips. If I may add, use sunblock whenever your out of the house.

  5. Helpful tips you have here Ate! :)

  6. Helpful tips! :) I will let the rest of my cousins read this.


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