Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If a person suffers from both substance abuse and mental illness, the term used is Dual Diagnosis. People with mental illness, for example people suffering from anxiety or depression have the higher risk of using drug and alcohol with the idea of masking the depression. This is often identified as self-medication. But only worst could happen in doing so.

Substance abuse hinders the course of treatment of a person with mental illness. Generally, anxiety or depression cannot be eliminated unless the problem in alcohol or drug addiction has been attended.

Continued use of alcohol or drugs is because of the following factors:
  • Self-medication (misguided treatment)

Some people perceive that using alcohol and drug treat their condition.
  • Social factor

Some people felt accepted by certain group of people if under the influence of alcohol or drug.

It is good to know that there are number of institution or organization that person with such condition can count on like Malibu Horizon.  Malibu Horizon dual diagnosis treatment is offered in a very compassionate and dignified approach. They also have highly trained professional staffs/therapies attending every individual patient.

Substance abuse and mental illness must be addressed accordingly otherwise unpleasant consequences follows. Some changes in behavior, physical look and even appearance of new friends can strongly suggest that he/she is alcohol or drug addict. Remember that confronting a person about it may result to more unpleasant scenarios so it is better to carefully address the matter. Do not make treats like calling the police. This may only increase the aggressiveness of the person.

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