Thursday, March 21, 2013

Digital Sphygmomanometer for Personal and Primary Care

March 21, 2013
Hundreds of sphygmomanometers are available n the market. 80% of them are within 3mmHg reference. In other words, those devices are acceptable to use in primary care or even by any individual who need to have access on sphygmomanometer by himself and his family. Having said that, choosing a type of blood pressure meter to use is serious.

Mercury Sphygmomanometer

Before the use of traditional Mercury Manometer in primary care is considered “rule of thumb” because of it’s accuracy. Nowadays, this idea was considered obsolete. Why? Because there are plenty of new technology /digital sphygmomanometer which can serve it’s purpose in more accurate way. Any healthcare provider who will use the digital type will get the results in faster way without the use of stethoscope. That is pretty convenient to aa person who has more than one to look after.

An old person needs to have his own unit, especially when he or she lives by himself. A person who is diagnosed of a condition that requires BP monitoring must also acquire one. There are two common types of digital sphygmomanometer, the arm sphygmomanometer and the wrist sphygmomanometer. Anything will do as long as you use the best rechargeable battery, which I believe as one of the keys to accurate reading. Of course, choosing the right brand maters. Omron and B Braun are two of the recommended brands.

If you are dubious on what to buy and how to use your device, always ask help from your local pharmacists.

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