10 Ways to Handle Work Stress

Stress is an attitude. You can cope with it by seeing and turning things positively. As you fulfill your work duties and responsibilities, stress sometimes kicks in. Facing your daily routine with the right attitude will allow you to work smoothly.

10 Ways to Handle Work Stress
  1. Being late at work is troublesome, so get there early.
  2. A messy table attracts bewilderment. Uncluttering your work area will make a big difference.
  3. In making decisions, be aware of them and same goes on your own action, be responsible with it.
  4. It will get more complicated if you see your tasks as large enough to handle. Break them into bite size portions so you’ll finish everything with flying colors.
  5. Working for long hours can give you headache and you might not be able to finish things correctly. Always have a break. Walk for few minutes outside your work area or simply have a coffee.
  6. Bring a stress ball with you at the office. Use it while thinking. It helps in releasing pressure. You can check at customized stress balls at usimprints.com for designs that will cheer you up.
  7. You may not like all your assignments, asks someone to help you. It is the same as knowing your limitations and letting your officemates know it.
  8. Nobody’s perfect and don’t strive for that. Just do your job the best way you can and you’ll be okay.
  9. To freshen your day, put a fresh flower on your table.
  10. If you can do the task today, don't skip it for tomorrow.

Stopping a bad habit can help you manage stress. Above all these don’t forget to smile.

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  1. number 5 is very true, sadly I have to keep on reminding myself, even if I have timer, I still disregard the timer sound sometimes for break :( these are really great tips.

  2. being a stay- at- home mom I don't need to wake up early but I miss the corporate world though.

  3. i agree, the left over customised stress balls from our clinic opening come in handy when i feel stressed. thanks for sharing the rest of the useful tips too. :)

  4. WOW! These tips are very helpful to me. I should learn to internalize each of these points for a better and less stressed me ;-)

  5. work is really a bit stressful..but if you know how to handle the stress and time management...you'll be fine....very helpful and informative tips....:)

  6. I want a stress ball that exactly looks like that. Yeah lets all learn to cope and manage our stress guys!

  7. I wish I have read this post when I was still working. I remember most of my co-workers are giving me stress balls as gifts and oh, I actually bought one for myself. It actually helps a lot :)

  8. these tips works as well for a busy mom like me. i try to break down the house chores so that when i had finished a set, i felt like, i have done something and not nothing at all. and when i think i'm all stressed up, i stopped and have a break (parang kitkat ad^_^)
    great tips. really.

  9. thanks for sharing, very helpful tips...i remember when i was working, there are days that i am feeling that specially if we are meeting deadlines and doing something labeled as confidential. i think, having that stress ball around is good. :)

  10. Good tips. If I may add, Follow a 'Japanese Time' routine so as not to be late at work.

  11. My work isn't stressful but my work environment lately make me feel down. Sigh. I better take the advice #5. I'll walk on breaks and try to unwind. :) Thanks for sharing!


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