Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Generic Medicines

Do you have questions about generic medicines? Allow us to answer them.

What are generic medicines? Generic Medicines are medicines having the same active ingredient as of the branded one.

Example: Brand - Biogesic 500 mg tablet
                  Generic - Paracetamol 500 mg tablet

Are they effective and safe to use?
Yes. You don’t need to worry about that because it is as effective as the original or branded one. As long as the products passed the standards and are registered in FDA Philippines, generic medicines available in registered pharmacies are safe to use.
If you still have doubts about the product, you can go to FDAPhilippines website and check for registered products.

Generic medicines can cure similar condition or illness as of the branded one. They deliver the same beneficial effects that we wanted to reach. All medicines have risks factors or let us say side effects. Make it a habit to read enclosed leaflet so you’ll be aware of possible unwanted effects. Again, don’t worry, as long as you are taking the medicines as prescribed, you are more likely to be treated and not the other way around. If during the course of your treatment you experience unusual effects, tell your doctor about it.

When I must not use generic medicines?
If your body is used to the branded medicine, you’ll be advice by your doctor or pharmacist to stick with that. Changing it to generic medicines may somehow alter your body’s reaction. This only happens in minimal cases. Listen to your doctor and pharmacist; they know what’s best for you in terms of your medication. Just always inform them of something they need to know during the course of treatment.                                                                              

By the way, generic medicines are a lot cheaper than branded one. You’ll get the same effect but will definitely save you money. Just remember to buy from registered pharmacies. We do not recommend buying medicines online. The chances of standard quality medicines online are very low. In other words, there’s no assurance if you are buying safe and effective medicine. It is way too risky.


  1. Yes. And they are already available nationwide.

  2. That's right generic medicines are cheaper than the branded one's. Government doctor's are by law deemed to prescribe generic medicines while when you go for a private physician don't get surprised if your prescription contain the branded one. Nonetheless, still your Doctor knows best than self-medicating.

  3. We usually buy generic ones as it cheaper but it is as effective as the branded one..

  4. so true, generic medicines are way cheaper than brand names...we prefer to buy those instead.

  5. My wife is into generic medicine, yes mas mura but some people tell us na mas effective daw ang branded.

  6. i do buy generic medicines, in america, getting one is just buying the same kind of brand, same ingredients yet less expensive.

  7. Thank you for this very informative post. I usually buy generic medicines if the branded one has a generic counterpart.

  8. Thank you Ate for these info! :)

    I always wonder... branded medicines doesn't work for me and I get some reaction from the while generic meds works fast for me! My mom told me my body is choosy. hehehe. That's why she always buys me generic meds.


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