Monday, January 7, 2013

Spring/ Summer Fashion Trend 2013

This new year, clear your closets for new clothes and allot some space in your jewellery boxes for new accessories. 

If you do not to know yet, the fashion trend for 2013 is spring/summer. You may want to keep your pastel or neon colored clothes for now because you won't be needing them this year. Squares, stripes and printed clothing will be the style to watch out this year. Expect more of emerald color clothing as it is the color of the year. 

Just some piece of advice, invest for quality clothes and apparels rather than buying something you will regret later on.

Ladies if you happen to love collecting accessories, check out the catherine popesco jewelry of Paris, France. The elegance and beauty of every design will speak of itself. Go grab yourself a piece; it will sure fit the new fashion of 2013.

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