Save for Your Wish List

What do you plan to get yourself this year? Have you tried shopping online? Why not?

It’s always been nice to buy yourself something after a year of working. So why not save few every pay day. While filling your piggy bank, check out bunch of shops online and tick something for your wish list.

It is not wrong to spend some pennies from a pair of shoes to a sophisticated tag heuer aquaracer. Just don’t be addicted on it. I’m sure it’s a lot better to save for the future.

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  1. I am saving for a vacation this year hehehe..

  2. i've started another saving scheme for this year and hope it really pays out.

    cheers for sharing! :)

  3. I've been saving since last year and until now I'm still doing it on a weekly basis. I still don't have something on my mind,but maybe the time will come.

  4. Every year end I would always buy something for myself, a sort of reward. I don`t think it`s bad spending something extravagant besides we deserve it. And it`s good idea to save for it as early as the year started.

  5. I shopped most of the things I want online because it is more convenient. And yes, it sometimes empties my PayPal. Hihihi!

  6. I am saving to pay my mega vision that I got last New year, yes it is always the best to save it could also help you not to ruin your budget. That watch looks so classic.

  7. I am trying a simple but I hope effective savings scheme for myself this year. Let us all hope we become successful in our efforts.

  8. I am an online shopper myself and no kidding, it's very addicting when you know you can have stuff at the tip of your finger.

    I Tried to lessen it this time after all the online shopping I did for Christmas.

  9. If ever na I'll save money, ang paglalagyan ko elephant bank.. Mas malaki at mas marami ang maiipon. If ever I like to buy myself a Sketcher shoes.

  10. I am saving for a DSLR camera this year! :)

    And I am a certified online shopper.


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