Friday, January 11, 2013

Key to Hassle-free Pharmacy Duties

Having a pharmacy requires a lot of time and effort to make everything right. Once the business started, you will be facing so many challenges professionally and financially. Keeping everything in order will help you work efficiently and hassle-free.  

Proper lay-out of the store allows you to work around without things falling here and there. Arranging your stock based on generic name and usage are recommended rather than keeping them alphabetically. In this case, there is a minimal or zero chance of having error in dispensing. 

In terms of keeping your important documents, receipts and record books, always secure them in water proof storage bins. You may want to arrange everything in ways easy for you to locate them. When I was working in a pharmacy, I used separate folders every suppliers then arranged those folders alphabetically. I also used eartags to label important documents. 

One of the vital role of the pharmacist if to keep the record books updated. Please do not wait for an inspector to call your attention on that responsibility. I also would like to remind you that we should file filled prescriptions. If customer needs a copy of his/ her prescription, photocopy it for him/her or tell them to ask their doctor for duplicate copy of such prescription. Partially filled prescription must always be marked appropriately. This is to facilitates proper filling the next time around. 

These are just my opinion and suggestions based on my experience. You may have your own ways to make your work easy as it can be. 

What is your secret in running a pharmacy? Would you mind sharing some?
Have a blessed Friday. 

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