Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fix and Speed Up Your PC

I’m fortunate to have a brilliant network provider who gives me a very good speed in uploading and downloading. But there are also some ways on how to speed up your computer.

I hate to browse the internet with too much crashes and annoying problems that’s why I clean my PC regularly. You can use software to help you with this. I don’t store too much files in my computer’s hard drive, instead I use an external hard drive to store my documents and photos.

How about you, what do you do to speed up your computer?


  1. I just type the word' Itatapon na kita kung hindi kabibilis' and presto, my pc speed ups. Kidding aside, yung son ko ang nagme-maintain ng desktop namin. I bother not to ask him what he does dahil sisingilin ako ng service fee. LOl

  2. See that's my problem sis, I have an external hard drive but I am too lazy to transfer my data lol. All my photos are in my hard drive so it really slows down my browsing.

  3. i've used everything there is. nowadays, i delete applications as soon as i've used them, or if i don't plan to use them again. i wish i have an external hard drive though. that's on my list of must-buy for 2013.

  4. I too like our internet provider. It's faster and reliable.


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