Friday, January 11, 2013

Do Not Loss Your Patient's Trust

"Did the doctor instructed you on how to take your medicines?" I was asked by a Pharmacy Assistant with this question.

Two things popped in my mind, is she asking me that question because she wants to help me how to take my medicine or she wants to skip the duty of telling me how to take it? And I was amazed to found out that she don't know what to tell me which actually the instruction was clearly written in the prescription. All she needs to do is to repeat it to me since she will keep my prescription.

Lucky me, I listened to my doctor's instruction and I snapped a picture of my prescription. I don't brag my profession when I'm in a pharmacy. I still consider myself a customer/patient who needs professional advice. But in case like this, I really feel bad.

Piece of advice for Pharmacist/Pharmacy Assistant, as we face our patients/customers, make sure you read the prescription very well so you can counsel properly. Be ready for any possible questions related to the medicine. I don't expect you to become a walking MIMS, just know the basic things to know like when to take the medicine, how to take it, what are some contraindication or is it to be taken with food or without food. These are most questions we should be familiar to answer confidently. I you really don't know the answer, do not scrutinize the prescription or read the book in front of your patients/customers so they won't loss their trust on you.

Happy dispensing everyone. 

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