Sounds of Christmas

December 11, 2012
Every year, we see bunch of individuals singing carols on our doorsteps. There are good and there are not so good. I think it’s safe to say that way. Kids love repeat performance. I mean, kids will be back tomorrow and the next day and the next five days. But after their piece, some homeowners still pull something out of their pockets and hand over to the kids. Some annoyed homeowners will shout, “patatawarin” (Filipinos way of saying, “forgive me I don’t have something to give you”). This is true especially when they are in the middle of watching their favourite tele-novela (TV Series). 

In Europe, people don’t do caroling outside homeowners pretty decorated houses. People go to the shopping center, auditoriums and churches to sing and play instruments like harp, accordion, violin, flute and other instruments. In Ireland for example, most people know how to play instruments. Irish people can make you sing and dance on Christmas Day through the sound of one amazing accordion. Believe me, this instrument really makes a lovely harmony.

On the streets, there are singers, instrumentalists, bands and other performers putting notes and acts together to inspire and share the spirit of Christmas.

Whether they perform so they can have food on their table, for charity, for candies or something else, these people perceived that music is their way of saying Merry Christmas. 

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  1. Sana yung tradition nila sa Europe na sa Malls na lang mag-sing ng Christmas carols, gayahin nn rin ng mga Pinoys. Yung mga carolers dito kasi ginawa na lang hanap-buhay ang 'mamasko po;.

  2. I miss listening to the Christmas carols :-) Malls here too have singing bears display which makes the kids very happy :-)

  3. Korek ang sinabi ni Papaleng.. Sinasamantala nila ang Kapaskuhan para gawing hanap-buhay.. At pag di mo naman mabigyan, magagalit sa yo na para bang lahat dapat obligadong magbigay, kung hindi, masama ka ng tao.. They're no longer after celebrating the true spirit of Christmas.. They're after what they'll get..

  4. It's a cool idea to have these carolers do it at the malls. Tama si Papaleng. Most of them nakagawian ng gawing hanapbuhay ang pangangaroling tuwing sumapit ang ber months.

  5. I miss Christmas Carols and we don't have one here considering it is cold outside.

  6. I miss experiencing the real sense of Christmas. Where I am right now, it is all but a commercial ploy to boost sales. Sad.

  7. I really like this idea of encouraging singing and playing instruments in public areas instead of being continuously harassed by carolers who appear to have forgotten the real spirit of Christmas which is to spread goodwill.

  8. Haha natawa naman ako kay Papaleng, my husband actually remembers carolers in {inas during Pasko, yuing mga bata kasi kung anu ano lang gamit na music instrument lol.

  9. Yep I agree with Papaleng, pabalik balik ang mga carolers almost daily pero I dont think bad about it na lang, just give what we can.. and enjoy the Christmas songs theyre singing :)


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