Saturday, December 8, 2012

Proper Storage of Medicines

December 8, 2012
In movies or commercials, we often see actors looking for medicines inside a cabinet found in the bathrooms. That's a complete no-no.

There are three points to remember in storing medicines:

1. Medicines should not be stored in places with temperature exceeding 25°. In short, store it in room temperature. Hefty condensation occurs in bathroom causing variable temperature. This is the reason why bathrooms are not a good place to keep the medicines. It is the same reason why medicines should not be kept near fireplace or in direct sunlight.

2. Cool dark areas including drawers or cupboards are ideal to store the medicines. Cupboards in the kitchen should be okay as long as it's not near the stove or cooking area. Make sure that your chosen cabinets are high enough so kids could not reach the medicines. 

3. If medicines need to be refrigerated, consider putting them in a plastic container or bag to avoid cross-contamination. And yes, label them please. 

Store medicine in proper place to maximize its' shelf life and avoid deterioration. 


  1. great tips! we have this medicine storage at home.

    bpc hopp'n!

  2. my hubby take some pain pills that his doctor prescribed him. he lock it away in his closet so the kids cant get hold of it. those pain pills are really dangerous, it can kill you if taken improperly. but anyway, i was wondering if those pills on the photos are yours?

    BPC hopping!


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