Friday, December 7, 2012

Plan Before You Dine Out

December 7, 2012

In a sudden trip to a restaurant, questions keep on popping in our minds while our hungry stomach keeps on bothering us.  What food to eat, what is the restaurants’ specialty, or can they serve our food in a quickest possible time?

I hate entertaining those questions when I’m hungry. So what I often do is to plan everything ahead.  Of course, this will not be applicable especially when you just bump into a lovely restaurant at the corner of the alley.

Nowadays, restaurants run their own website featuring what they can offer. Most of the time, they have their menu listed in one of their pages. Viewing it ahead of your trip will allow you choose what you really want. If you’re craving for seafood, by all means go ahead and indulge yourself with it. Just look for restaurant that uses fresh caught of the day. It absolutely taste better that frozen one. For beef menu, I also consider the origin of the meat. Some restaurants, display the seal of their meat supplier to validate the freshness of the raw product. If I’m happy with that, then I’ll book a table or just pop in if it’s not that fancy.

Don’t forget to have the right drinks to match your meal. Choose from wine bottles arranged at the bar or just simply choose form the drinks listed in their menu.  For me, a good glass of white wine will match the succulent taste of fish and pork. Red wine is always preferred to pair with dark meat like beef.  As I heard, they somehow help in the metabolism of the meat.  But there is no enough proof to justify this claim. However, it is still best to drink moderately in order to avoid any heart health problems.

Planning can save you time from scanning the menu in a restaurant. It will also keep you away from ordering unhealthy food since you have scrutinized the menu ahead of time.  Plus, you’ll have to see your limits financially. And above all, you’ll be happy and not disappointed dining out.


  1. I like how restaurants these days are up with the hi-tech times. Before we dine out, we always check the menu of the place we will visit. It pays to know how much the food costs and if they have reservations in advance.

  2. We have one favorite restaurant here in our area and that's where we always go once a week during our family dine out.

  3. smiling here as I remember many moments when the hubby and I can not seem to decide what to order and end up eating something we are not that satisfied with...agree, we should plan ahead what to order by checking out resto's that case we save time and get to enjoy our sounds great in moderation...happy eating on your side of the world :)

  4. hubby and I always plan before we dine out...I also checked the restaurant's menu so when we get to the place, we already know what to get.

  5. I can count with my fingers the times I have dine out in a restaurant with someone I love. Not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, planning ahead for such occasion is a must.

  6. Very true! Planning ahead does save us time when it comes to ordering food.. When we already know what we want, the minute we sit in the restaurant, all we have to do is flip the menu to where the food we want to order is on, and give your order.. Less time waiting, more time to actually enjoy your meal :)

  7. oh yeah, i am used to planning before doing something because that way you won't cram into someones schedule and things are all settle

  8. Honestly sis,I haven't tried drinking wine for dining in,well,di naman po kasi ako umiinom kahit na alam kong red wine is good for me,hehe!
    Great tips sis!


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