Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pharmacy Shelving

There are so many things to consider in building your own pharmacy. Aside from preparing a bunch of documents, the location and the actual floor area matters.

 The FDA has a requirement of floor area that is not less than 15 square meters. The counters should be wide enough for simple drug mixing and compounding. There should also be one working sink.

After all these are arranged, proper shelves and drawers should be installed. Imagine a pharmacy with no display area or shelving. Isn't it a mess and unfit for safe and accurate practice? The retail store displays at are the best displays I've ever seen. There is always a pharmacy shelf that fits your preference. Check what fits your floor area and location.
Proper pharmacy shelving makes everything easy such as:
1. Easy access
2. Easy locating medicines or other stuff
3. Easy inventory and monitoring of stocks
4. Easy selling
5. Easy displaying
6. Easy cleaning

Dust is the biggest enemy of pharmacy stocks, so it's better to get shelves with glass doors.

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