Thursday, December 20, 2012

Keeping Away From Danger

Whatever we do and where ever we go, there are things we can do to avoid injury. We don’t know for certain what’s on our way so it’s better to take precautionary measures to keep us away from any health hazard.  

Eating breakfast will not only fill empty stomach, but it also gives us enough boosts to start the day right. If you drive to work, being alert is very important. A bowl of cereal and a glass of hot coffee or tea can help you to wake up your sleepy head.

Proper attire can help us function well in our activities.  If we are heading somewhere cold, a coat comes on handy.  Engaging to different sports also require appropriate outfit. Just like in horseback riding, tailored sportsman breeches are necessary for comfort and safety.  At work, suitable clothing may be required. Like for example a Pharmacist, white coat or laboratory gown is important to avoid contamination during filling of prescription or drug compounding.  In other words, right get-up provides protection against diseases or injuries.

Eating proper food can help us sustain healthy mind and body. Taking vitamins can also do the job.

If you can avoid taking medication to alleviate pain or any minor suffering, do so or better yet consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking one.

These are just few preventive actions that we can make. Bottom line is we can always do something to dodge from trouble.

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  1. I always make sure I get a healthy breakfast. I usually have my breakfast meal with a cup of hot coffee. Skipping breakfast makes me feel weak.

    Of course, proper clothing always helps us in avoiding danger. The right clothes for the right occasion and season - always a good thing to remember.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Well pointed out sis. Silly me for going to school today without gloves, my hands was painful when I got back wahh.. So cold in here,.

  3. They said that an ounce of prevention is better that cure so it is better to be ready and prepared at all times to avoid possible risks and danger.

    We oftentimes disregard minor pains that we feel only to find out that it causes bigger problems to our health. It usually resulted to bigger expense just like what happened to my father. A simple act of skipping meals leads to ulcer and eventually led to a surgery on his stomach.


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