How Can I Show You Love?

December 9, 2012
Ensuring the safety and good health of our kids are two of the many responsibilities of parents. Inside and outside of the house, we do not want our kids to get harm whether physically, emotionally or mentally.

We take them to doctors whenever they're not feeling well. We give them vitamins to keep them away from sickness. We even make sure that each carriage bolt of their toys, chairs and beds are properly screwed to keep them away from danger. In other words, parents want to provide whatever they can to make sure that their kids are healthy and living in a safe environment.

Our kids are blessed to have the utmost care they deserve. But there are unfortunate ones who are denied of that care.

This Christmas season let us share what we can to children who are left unaided by their own parents. Let us show them the same care we give to our kids. There are many ways to do that. We can either donate cash in orphanage or give gifts to poor children. Whatever small things you can hand to them will definitely touch their hearts.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone. 
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  1. That's a meaningful thing to do this Christmas. I'm planning to donate toys to a certain NGO, hopping I can share even just a bit of joy for some children this Christmas.

  2. A noble deed this Christmas. We always give our used toys to some street children here in our community.

  3. It's a kind gesture to share the ones you love, in terms of material stuff. I don't mind giving out my daughter's favorite old toys as long as it will go to a kid who needs it more than my daughter.

    Besides, my daughter has already enjoyed the company of her old toys and it's time to pass the happiness to someone else.

  4. That's a good way to make children happy.

    My cousins and I planned a Children's Party for our Clan come December 28. I tasked myself to take charge of the candies and chocos inside the party lootbags while I tasked my other two cousins to take care of the toys. I am cleaning up my closet too and give out some of my not too worn out clothes to my nieces. I am medium built and my nieces are big for their age so my clothes will just perfectly fit them. I hope in our own little way, we can plaster some smiles on these children's faces.

  5. a very thoughtful message of giving, it's great to give our time or if not applicable, some love to the kids, especially to those who need to feel that love.

  6. who would want their kids get harm. it's just sad that in this world there were really those deprived ones, which i believe should never be a case because every child deserves to be a happy and well cared.

  7. Great article. As a mom I can relate with your post today. I don't like anyone to hurt my daughter. We have a love tree here where you will buy some gifts and gift it back to them before the 19th of December so they will give it to the kids.

  8. thank you for this great reminder to visit an orphanage or make a donation. Betchai, Kulasa and I will be visiting Hospicio de San Jose after Christmas. we all share the simple joys of gift giving. :)

  9. My kids school has projects every Christmas to donate canned goods, toys, and other things for those less fortunate families in the area.

  10. we are on the same thought. my friends and i were planning to give lootbags to an orphanage this xmas and hopefully it will materialize :)

  11. It is but a responsibility of every parent to provide what's best for their children in every way possible.

    I hope that kids who are not as fortunate as the others, will be given equal chance to feel the loved of other people especially this Christmas.

  12. Giving gifts to the orphanage is indeed a very meaningful Christmas. I, too planning to do worthwhile this Christmas and I hope it will be realize.

  13. It's very thoughtful of you to think about the kids who, unfortunately, don't have the things that they deserve in life.. And I feel bad for the parents who don't know how to take care of their little ones..

    We're donating most of our kids' old stuff before we leave.. And we've been donating canned goods since we got up here.. There are younger people who would go around the neighborhood, leaving plastic bags for you to put the stuff you're going to donate in, and then, you leave them at your doorstep, and they'll come back to collect them..

  14. kids are always a blessing to any parent... no matter what that kid does when he grows up... us parents.. our job is to ensure their safety and welfare.

    cheers for sharing! :)


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