Monday, December 24, 2012

Addictive Food

There are numerous addictive food that sometimes we don't realize they are. Whether you are on diet or not, you should be aware of this to avoid bad effects.

1. Caffeine
Who can resist the great smell of brewing coffee? Some of us cannot get rid of coffee in our diet so easily. Eventhough, caffeine has a good anti-oxidant property, still taking too much of them can create bad effect such addiction to it, frequent headache, or vertigo. At least limit yourself to 2 cups a day. You can even choose to have de-caffeinated coffee as substitute.

2. Sweets
These include chocolates and anything with sugar such as cakes, pastries and the like. Avoiding these foods can be challenging. When we go for a grocery, we cannot avoid the strategical display of sweets all around the supermarket. As if they are reminding you to grab one of those yummy looking chocolate bar. Good for the shop, bad for you.

One way I use to stay away from these foods is to always have shopping list before I go to supermarket. Sticking to it religiously is another thing.

If you really find it hard to take them away from your diet, choose 70% dark chocolate instead. It is rich in anti-oxidant and somehow will help suppress your craving for sweets and salty too. It even fights stress.

3. Salty Food/Snacks
Among these salty foods are the crisps, chips or even using too much seasoning in food can b counted.

This is pretty easy to control. Just watch out everything you cook and eat. Do not over season your food. If watching cinemas or a television at home, choose healthy bites. Fruits and vegetables are very good replacement to salt-filled snacks.

4. Sodas
Softdrinks contain great amount of sugar plus caffeine. If you want to restrain yourself from drinking it, by all means do so. Light versions of these sodas are not good either because artificial sweeteners mimics the sweetness of sugar causing it addictive too. Drink water instead.

There are other foods that can be addictive as well as mentioned above such as fatty foods, bad carbohydrates, cheese and food with artificial sweeteners. It is alright to indulge ourselves with little of this and that once in a while. But let us constantly remind ourselves too of the consequences of getting hooked with these foods.

How about you, do you crave for any of the said foods?


  1. Coffee, never pa akong nakatikim. The rest I can't stay away from them except softdrinks.

  2. When I was single, I am not fond of drinking coffee or soda but now that I am here with hubs, coffee is an every morning thing for us lol.

  3. Of the four you mentioned above. the easiest I can give up is soda and the hardest to give up are the sweets.

  4. Papaleng, you haven't tasted coffee yet? Wow, that's amazing!

    Guilty of indulging in all of the above sometimes. These stuff, I believe, don't pose negative effects if taken in moderation. Then again, anything taken in excess isn't good.

  5. learning the foods you intake would surely gives you a longer and lasting healthy life...

  6. Oh yes sis,very much,I crave for them all except for the soda,lol! They're really irresistible,especially cakes,waaa!!!


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