Friday, November 30, 2012

Holiday Food Safety TIps

November 30, 2012

This holiday season we want to ensure that we are safe from the foods we will set on our tables. We must then be vigilant in buying food products. This is to avoid acquiring of food-borne diseases. 

In severe cases, unsafe food may lead consumers to illnesses such as gastritis, typhoid fever, cholera, food poisoning and amoebiasis. Among the symptoms to observe are diarrhea, vomiting and flu like symptoms. Better be careful than sorry. Here are some food safety tips.

1. This season avoid holiday rush so you will have ample time to scrutinize the items you will buy.  Always make sure to buy your food in trusted and reputable shops.

2.  We love to make fruit salads and most of the ingredients are canned. Check the physical quality of the product. Do not buy deformed items especially on canned foods. 

3. Always check the expiration of the product. It may be on sale but it was best before months or years back. Some small shops use stickers to hide original expiration dates. If you think, it was tampered, do not buy it. 

4. In wet market, there are food products for sale but bears no labels. Sellers may claim, it is what we're looking for. Watch out, it may be not. Proper labels are important to verify the brand and quality of item. 

5. Always wash hands before handling, preparing or cooking food. No excuse on that. 

5. Fresh fruits and vegetables must be washed properly before using or eating.  

6. Cook the food properly and accordingly. Temperature is important in cooking food. Make sure to use food thermometer to check the roast chicken inside the oven. Do not base your judgement on outer look. 

7. Refrigerate what's left good and discard the spoiled or contaminated food. 

How about you, do you have any food safety tips to share? You can share it on the comment box below. Have a stress-free holiday. 

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  1. that is true, we should check on the food that we are buying and look at its content. fruits would be tough one to buy because some go rot easily like the bananas, if u dont consume then right away.
    anyway, thanks for the tips! photo perfect.


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