Monday, August 20, 2012

Recall of Loviscol 50mg/mL Syrup (Oral Drops)

August 20, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration released their DOH-FDA Advisory No. 2012-007 which stated the order of pulling out one of the Pfizer's products in the market. According to FDA, Carbocisteine (Loviscol) 50mg/ml Syrup (Oral Drops) was recall because of the "incorrect concentration declaration of the claim in the formulation for both the carton and the bottle labels" of the said cough syrup. Distributors an, sellers, and the public are warned to discontinue the distribution, selling and using of the affected batches of the Carbocisteine Loviscol 50mg/ml (Oral Drops). The following are the affected lot numbers in 15ml packing size.

  • Lot Number: 11LID6   /  Expiration Date: Aug-14
  • Lot Number: 11LID8   /  Expiration Date: Oct-14
  • Lot Number: 11LID9   /  Expiration Date: Oct-14
  • Lot Number: 12LID1A /  Expiration Date: Dec-14
  • Lot Number: 12LID1B (Samples Only) /  Expiration Date: Dec-14
  • Lot Number: 12LID2   /   Expiration Date: Jan-15

The public may contact the Pfizer Healthline for inquiries: 
(02) 671-1000
1800-10-6711000 (PLDT provincial toll-free)
1800-3-6711000 (Digitel provincial toll-free)
fax: (02) 6722000
1800-10-6722000 (PLDT provincial toll-free) 
via SMS at 0918-8Pfizer (0918-8734937).

DOH-FDA Advisory No. 2012-007
Image of the Product


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