Monday, July 9, 2012

Reported Product Recall

July 9, 2012
Three more products were reported for recall. The DOH-FDA released their advisory regarding the said matter last July 06, 2012. 
  1. Profurex (Celfuroxime Sodium) 750 Sterile Powder for Inj. (IM/IV)
  2. Varemoid Forte ( Hydroxyethylrutoside) 200 mg Tablet
  3. Valda Lemon Pastilles (FR-42925)
Profurex (Celfuroxime Sodium) Lot No. P116069
The Cathay Drug Company voluntarily recall its Profurex 750 mg sterile Powder for Injection( IM/IV) product with Lot No. P116069 due to manufacturing inadequacies. It was stated in the report that there was a broken glass found inside a vial of the said product that was manufactured at Thailand by Biolab Co., Ltd.

Varemoid Forte ( Hydroxyethylrutoside) Batch No. 1201
Varemoid Forte 200mg Batch 1201 was voluntarily recall from market by Novartis Healthcare Philippines, Inc. The product was assume to be contaminated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Burkholderia cepacia. 

Valda Lemon Pastilles( FR-42925) Batch No. 220212M and Batch No. 220212L
This product, which is manufactured in Malaysia on Feberuary 22, 2012 for GlaxoSmithKline Philippines. It was reported because it was packed incorrectly with a Valda Menthol tin base rather than Valda Lemon in lid.

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