Truvada ®: Part of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) for HIV

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Truvada ® (manufactured by Gilead Sciences) is indicated for treatment of HIV-1 infection in adults and children 12 yeas of age and older, provided it is given with other anti-retroviral agents. It is a pill composed of two anti-HIV drugs such as Emtriva ® (emtricitabine 200 mg) and Viread ® (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300 mg).  This drug is said to be taken once a day with or without food.

Truvada ® is a type of medicine called HIV-1 nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor meaning it helps block the enzyme (HIV-1 reverse transcriptase) needed in multiplying the HIV-1. HIV infection makes the immune system weak by destroying the CD4*T cells. But with the help of this drug,  HIV-1 in the blood is reduced and number of CD4*T cells is increased; therefore, the chance of infections or death due to weak immune system (opportunistic infection) is reduced.

Please note that Truvada ® is not a cure for HIV-1 infection or AIDS. Chances of not passing the HIV-1 to other people by sexual contact, sharing needles , or being exposed to blood is not reduced when using this drug. Truvada ® should only be taken with other anti-HIV drugs.

Drug Interactions:
  • Didanosine: Didanosine concentrations is increased by Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate
  • Atazanavir: When taken together with Truvada ®,  atazanavir concentrations decrease and tenofovir concentrations increase.
  • Lopinavir/ritonavir: When taken together with Truvada ®, tenofovir concentrations increase.
Truvada ® should not be taken when already taking drugs with the same composition or active ingredients. These medicines are the following:
  • Atripla ® (efavirenz 600mg/emtricitabine 200mg/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300mg)
  • Viread ® (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300mg)
  • Emtriva ® (emtricitabine 200mg)
  • Combivir ® (lamivudine/zidovudine)
  • Epivir or Epivir-HBV ® (lamivudine)
  • Epzicom ® (abacavir sulfate/lamivudine)
  • Trizivir ® (abacavir sulfate/lamivudine/zidovudine)

FDA US first approved this drug in the year 2004 for Combination treatment of HIV.  Starting 2010, results of studies and researches lead Truvada ® to the headlines. Government researchers found out that it could actually prevent the infection. Gilead Sciences is awaiting for FDA's decision whether Truvada ® can be classified as first drug to prevent HIV. After submitting all additional materials and documentations, it will take three more months to review its application for the claim.


Note: Truvada ® is available in US only.


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