Thursday, June 21, 2012


FDA Philippines advised the consumers and even the grocery store/supermarket owners that they must be vigilant in buying/selling milk products.

Last June 13, 2012 in China, infant milk formula manufactured by Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group was recalled due to high level of mercury content. The baby formula produced from November 2011 to May 2012 are the batches affected with the said anomaly. The FDA Philippines clearly identified that Yili baby formula (Quan Yu baby formula) is not registered with them; therefore, it must not be available in any store outlets in the Philippines.

It is important to know that high exposure to mercury can damage the brain, kidney, heart, lungs and immune system that can lead to cancer or peripheral neuropathy. The development of a growing child is also affected once expose to high level of mercury.  

FDA Philippines, advised the public to be watchful in buying milk formula in the market. Make sure that the products are properly labelled with Food Registration Number (FR No.), name of the manufacturer, batch number, when it was manufactured and the expiration date. Always buy milk products in their original packaging and refrain from buying re-packed milk formula, especially when the labels  are not understandable.

In the event of seeing the Yili baby formula elsewhere, FDA Philippines directed the public to report by calling (02)807-8275 or 842-5606.

Source:DOH-FDA Advisory June 20, 2012

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