Monday, May 21, 2012

Motion Sickness

If you ever feel sick because of rough airplane, train, bus, boat ride then you know how uncomfortable having motion sickness.

Photo Courtesy of marcello from potenza, italy
Motion sickness is a condition in which some parts of the body detect motion while the other parts do not sense it at all. The inner ear, eyes, and other parts of the body sense that there's motion while the body itself is in static position only. When such conflicts arise on the brain, motion sickness occurs. Example of this is when you are riding a train, you see movement outside your window moves while you are sitting inside the train. That sends the conflicting message to the brain causing you feel the following symptoms:
  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Headache
  4. Cold Sweats
  5. Malaise
Motion sickness is usual to children over 2 years but become common with age, women, and elderly people. Taking prescription or nonprescription medicines can prevent or reduce symptoms. Symptoms are hard to stop when they start. 

Drugs last for certain time in the body and this may mean taking another dose may be necessary. That is why considering the length of journey and the time of departure in preventing the onset of travel sickness. Most of these medicines are best taken before you travel to give them the chance to become fully active before voyage begins.

  1. Bonamine 12.5 mg & 25 mg 
  2. Dizitab 25 mg
  3. Nodiz 12.5 mg & 25 mg 
  4. Postadoxine 25 mg 
Prescription Drug (Rx)
   Generic Name: Cinnarizine
  1. Stugeron 25 mg 
  2. Cinnamin 25 mg 
  3. Dizzinon 25 mg
  4. Niziran 50mg
  5. Vertisin 25 mg


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