Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fast ID: Renewal of PRC ID

PRC now offers two ways of renewing the professional identification card, traditional and express. Fast ID can be done only by the applicant himself/herself and can be claimed the same day. Renewal by representative must undergo the traditional way. Authorization letter by the professional and valid ID of representative must be presented in claiming the Professional ID.
Source: PRC

A Filipino Pharmacist or any Filipino Professional who intends to renew his/her PRC ID must prepare the following requirements:
  1. Properly accomplished renewal form
  2. Two (2) pieces of passport size photo: close-up, colored, plain white background, with complete name tag
  3. Photocopy of current professional ID card
  4. For LOST professional ID, notarized affidavit of loss is required.
  5. For destroyed professional ID, the destroyed card must be surrendered.
Application Form:
Step 1: Submit the properly accomplished renewal form with all the requirements at Windows 17, 18, or 30. Application Form for Professional Identification Card (Traditional)
Step 2: Pay the set fees to the cashier at Windows 33, 34, or 35.
Step 3: Go back to Windows 17, 18 or 30. Present the receipt and get the claim slip.
Step 4: Return to PRC on the scheduled day to claim the Professional ID. Make sure to bring the claim slip. If claiming by representative, please bring the authorization letter by the professional and valid ID of representative.

Procedures: FAST ID
Step 1: Properly accomplished form must be submitted at Windows 15, 19, or 29. Application Form for Professional Identification Card (Fast ID). The fee will be determined by the registration officer.
Step 2: Pay the set fees plus Fast ID fee to the Cashier at Window 36.
Step 3: Continue to photo capture station at the ground floor.
Step 4: Return the application form to Windows 15, 19 or 29 (Registration Division) and get the claim slip.
Step 5: Go to Windows 13, 23 or 32 (Releasing Counters) and presents the claim slip to get the professional ID.

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