Monday, May 28, 2012

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE) Requirements

What is ECE? Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. validates the accuracy and authenticity of the certification requirements. ECE can be applied at the same time as the FPGEC. Candidates are required to submit the ECE application together with appropriate fees. All payments must be made in dollars by money order, checks, or major credit cards (Visa or Mastercard). If money order is issued outside US, it must contain  the printed name of US bank in which the local bank is affiliated. The general evaluation report costs $85. A candidate must request ECE to submit the report directly to FPGEC since FPGEC will not accept report from candidates.
What are the requirements for ECE?
You will need to submit two sets of the following to ECE at
Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
PO Box 514070
Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470
  1. Pharmacy Education Documentation
  2. Official Pharmacy School Transcripts
  3. Official Proof of Degree
Please refer to FPGEC Certification Program - Application Bulletin page 18 for details of the requirements.

Source: FPGEC Certification Program - Application Bulletin
ECE Website

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