Error-Prone Abbreviations, Symbols and Dose Designation

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Institute of Safe Medication Practices released a table of NEVER to use abbreviation, symbols and dose designation in communicating medical information. Some of which are given below:

 Intended Meaning



Confused as "mg"

Use "mcg"
Confused as "BID" twice daily
Use "bedtime"
 qd or QD
Confused as "QID"   
Use "daily"
Nightly at bedtime
Confused as "qhr" or every hour
Use "nightly"
 Inderal40 mg
Inderal 40 mg
Confused as Inderal 140mg
Use adequate space between drug name, dose and unit of measure.
 Tegretol300 mg
Tegretol 300 mg
Confused as Tegretol 1300 mg 
Use adequate space between drug name, dose and unit of measure.
ridovudine (Retrovir)
Confused as azathioprine or aztreonam
Use complete name of drug.
Confused as hydrochlrothiazide
Use complete name of drug.
Confused as hydrocortisone (HCT250mg) 
Use complete name of drug.
Confused as mitoxantrone 
Use complete name of drug.
Confused as "3" 
Use the metric system. 
Confused as a zero (eg. q1º seen as q10
Use "hr", "h", or "hour" 

Source: Institute for Safe Medication Practices

Let's be a part in promoting safe practices.

Click the link below for the complete list:
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