Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Typical Day of a Pharmacist

Pharmacists in general, dispense prescription drugs to patients. They offer information about drugs and be of assistance to patients in understanding instructions their doctors or other health practitioners provided. They keep an eye on their patients' health and improvement to make sure their medications are working effectively and safely.

Career Path/Advancement of Pharmacists:

Community Pharmacists who have gained experiences and secure required capital can run their own independent pharmacies. While those in chain drugstores have chances of being promoted to supervisors or branch managers. Afterwards, greater opportunity like district, regional managers or executive positions in head office may be offered.

Hospital Pharmacists also followed a same path. One may be promoted to supervisor or chief pharmacist.

Industrial Pharmacist may move forward in other areas such as research, quality control, marketing or sales.

Typical Day of Pharmacist
  • compounding and dispensing of prescribed drugs
  • give opinion to physicians and other health practitioners on the selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medications
  • observe the health and improvement of patients in response/reaction to drug treatment
  • give advice to patients and answer any questions or queries about prescription drugs
  • offer information and make recommendations concerning over-the-counter (OTC) drugs
  • logging data into the computer or official record books

Other duties and responsibilities of Pharmacist:
  • answer incoming physician or patient calls
  • assist patients in managing their health conditions high blood pressure, smoking cessation, asthma, diabetes and other conditions
  • recommend patients on medical equipments they may need in monitoring their health conditions, as well as helping them in using those equipments.
  • give advice regarding stress management, exercise, or diet 
Tips on becoming a competent Pharmacist:
  • Set your goals.
  • Choose a practice that you will master.
  • Focus on your duties and responsibilities.
  • Continuously enhance your knowledge with your chosen field of practice.
  • Practice with love and sense of purpose.

    Pharmacist’s life is challenging yet rewarding. Enjoy being one.

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