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Eligibility Assessment (Australian Pharmacy Examining Council,APEC)

Any Pinoy Pharmacist who intend to take APEC Pharmacy Examination must undergo initial assessment. It is conducted to check the applicant’s qualifications and credentials whether he/she is eligible to take the Knowledge Assessment of Pharmaceutical Sciences (KAPS).

I.                     Fill up the Application Form for the Initial Assessment. 

“An APC eligibility assessment is not an application to sit the KAPS.” There is a separate application for KAPS which can only be done after you have been assessed successfully.

II.        Required Documents:
These documents must be submitted along with the application form.
1.       Certified Copy of the applicant’s ID (passport or identity card)
2.       Certified copy of secondary education indicating subjects of study. 
3.       Certified copy of pharmacy qualification papers (Diploma)
4.       Certified official transcript of record showing subjects, hours and examination results and where applicable, details of practical and clinical education.
5.       Evidence of professional work experience as a pharmacist from graduation to the present, and two written letters of reference from employers or, if self employed, two references from professional colleagues, relating to your professional competence as a pharmacist.

If applicable the following documents must be provided:
1.    Certified copy of evidence of original and current registration or Licence to Practice (Pharmacy Board Certificate, PRC ID or you can request a certification from PRC)
 2.       Certified copy of certificate of internship (Hopefully, you retained a copy for yourself since we submitted these documents to PRC when we applied for Licensure Examination)
3.       Certified copy of evidence of resident status in Australia (if the applicant resides in Australia)
4.       Certified copy of evidence of any change of name (eg marriage certificate, deed poll)
5.       Certified copy of translation in English of any documents originally issued in a language other than English (the translated document must accompany a certified copy of the document in the original language)

Persons who are qualified to certify your documents:
1.       Justices of the Peace
2.       Official Notary Officers or an authorised staff
3.       Member of an Australian Embassy or Consulate
Note: Always present both the originals and copies to the person who will certify your documents.

Make sure that all copies are certified separately and have the following details:

 • Words "certified true copy of the original
• Signature of the certifying officer
• Name and address or provider/registration number (where appropriate) of the certifying officer clearly printed below the signature.  The APC must be able to contact the certifying person with these details.

Accomplished Application Form, supporting documents and assessment fee should be sent to:

Postal Address (normal mail):
          Australian Pharmacy Council Ltd.
                PO Box 269
                CIVIC SQUARE ACT 2608

      Street Address (for courier parcel only):
                Australian Pharmacy Council Ltd.
                Suite 3, Level 2, Ethos House
                28-36 Ainslie Place
                Canberra City ACT 2601

III. Initial Assessment Fee is $600 (Australian dollars)               
It is made payable to Australian Pharmacy Council Ltd. Payment can be made by overseas bank cheque or bank draft payable on an Australian Bank.

This eligibility assessment will take at least six weeks after the APC received your documents.  Before submitting your documents, ensure that they are complete to avoid delay in your assessment. For more details about the Initial Assessment, visit the Australian Pharmacy Council Website.

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