Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scared of Obesity? You Should Be!!!

What is Obesity?

It is the state of being well above the normal weight. An obese person has accumulated so much body fat. This might have a negative effect on their health. Traditionally, a person is considered obese if his or her bodyweight is at least 20% higher the ideal weight. Body Mass Index (BMI) between 25 and 29.9 are considered overweight. Obesity has precisely defined by the National Institutes of Health (the NIH) as a BMI of 30 and above.

What are the causes of obesity?

Main cause is lack of energy balance. The amount of energy that gets from food and drink must be equal to the amount of energy the body uses. Obesity happens when one takes more calories than he or she use.

There are other causes of obesity that we should be aware.
·         Smoking
·         Age
·         Emotional Factor
·         Health Conditions
·         Genes and Family History
·         Environment
·         Pregnancy
·         Lack of Sleep
·         An Interactive Lifestyle
·         Medicines

Health problems associated with obesity:
·         Diabetes Mellitus
·         Cardio Vascular Disease
·         Osteoarthritis
·         Gallstones

Factors that can worsen obesity:
·         Depression
·         Some drugs
·         Other psychosocial problems

Main Treatment:
·         Suitable diet
·         Smoking cessation (while maintaining body weight)
·         Increase Physical Activity
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Drugs used in treatment of obesity:
·         Orlistat
It is a lipase inhibitor, reduces the absorption of fat.
·         Sibutramine
      It inhibits the re-uptake of noradrenaline and serotonin.

Always consult a doctor before taking any medication for obesity. Proper and correct treatment comes from right diagnosis.

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