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For impacted cerumen, softening agents are available in drugstore as Over-The-Counter products.

1.    Hydrogen Peroxide.
-It is a component of carbamide peroxide with weak antibacterial properties. To use as otic solution, it must be diluted with 1:1 ratio with warm water. Instill in the ear to soften the cerumen and aid in its removal.

2.    Carbamide peroxide
Dosage: Tilt head sideways and instill 5-10 drops in the ear. Do not insert applicator tip in the ear canal. Keep head tilted for several minutes before turning to the other side & repeating for the other ear. Insert cotton wool to keep drops in the ear. Use twice daily (bid) for up to 4 days.”
Contraindication: Not to be use for patients with perforated eardrum or with inflamed ear. For children under 12 years old with suspected cerumen impaction, a doctor should be consulted.
Brand available: Ear Clear® 
3.    Mineral Oil is recommended in removal of impacted cerumen. Instill 2 drops, once per week. 
4.    Olive Oil, also soften earwax and can ease itching.

Other common ear disorders except Excessive/impacted cerumen (earwax) are:

1.    Vertigo
2.    Tinnitus
3.    External Otitis
4.    Water-clogged Ear
5.    Furuncles
6.    Otitis Media

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