Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ibuprofen 5% W/W Gel (For External Use Only)

What is Ibuprofen Gel?
·         Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID)
·         An anti-inflammatory painkiller applied to the skin and absorbed through the skin.
·         It is use to treat different musculoskeletal conditions such as:

-          Backache
-          Sprains
-          Strains
-          Rheumatic pain
-          Muscular pain
-          Neuralgia
·         It can also give relief in common arthritic conditions.

Who can use Ibuprofen Gel?
·         Adults
·         Elderly
·         Children over the age of 12 years
How does it work?
·         It works by reducing the inflammation and swelling.
·         It also works by relieving pain.

Do not us if...
·         Allergic to ibuprofen.
·         Asthmatic
·         Person suffering allergic runny nose.
·         Person with bad reaction with NSAIDs like aspirin in the past.
·         Pregnant or breast-feeding.
·         Person with broken or damaged skin.

·         Apply with gentle massage only.
·         Avoid contact with eyes, inflamed or broken skin.
·         Discontinue use if rashes appear.
·         Use of large amount can result to systemic effects like asthma and hypersensitivity.

Doctors’ prescription is necessary. Always read the package inserts/leaflets before using the product. This is not a substitute for doctor's advice. This is written for the purpose of informing the readers about the drug.

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