Friday, January 21, 2011

Locum Pharmacist

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Come on, we all know the reason why Pinoy Pharmacists consider working abroad. In typical community settings, how much a Pharmacist can earn? 8K, 9K, 10K? And that’s gross income. You are fortunate if employed by big companies who can offer other benefits. Others will end in putting up their own drugstores. Well, if you have money and skills to do that, why not.

How’s the ‘Botika ng Bayan’ now? Is there a Pharmacist watching over the operation? I leave that for you to answer.

In other countries, there is a so called ‘locum pharmacist’. He/she is a person who temporarily performs the duties of another. For example, the regular pharmacist cannot go to work in a particular day, the owner can ask another pharmacist to work temporarily (freelancer). Just like a doctor, they can go from hospital to another to practice their profession. Even a teacher can have their substitute. Why can’t we do that as well? Many illegal operations will stop if this will be considered. This also means extra income for Filipino Pharmacists in the Philippines. This is better than seeing our registered pharmacists practicing a different profession. This is better than seeing our registered pharmacists working abroad.


  1. Another suggestion that I would make is to at least allow our pharmacists register in two different pharmacies. That way, 10K from X Pharmacy plus another 10K from Y Pharmacy, would make our Pinoy Pharmacists think twice before leaving the country.

    We can handle two pharmacies at a time right? Can't we?

  2. I agree with you clairmerc. We definitely can handle 2 pharmacies. I can also see this as solution to Pharmacies operating without Pharmacist or just renting license.

  3. is this just a suggestion or is this allowable?
    im a pharmacist and is currently working in a community pharmacy, but i was offered by a family friend a great deal by allowing them to rent my license.... i want to do it, extra income ofcourse.. but i was doubting if this is ok.. you knw with registration to bfad ..

  4. As I understand,it is currently not allowed in the Philippines. But I don't see any reason why they will restrict us in doing so. Regarding the idea of having your licence rented, it is not a good idea to do so. First, as Pharmacist it is our obligation to oversee the operation of the business. I guess you don't want to put your name at risk. Another thing is that you are working in the community pharmacy, if it is a large name in the industry, I believe they have grounds on this matter. If you have any further question just email me at


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