Friday, January 21, 2011

Locum Pharmacist

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Come on, we all know the reason why Pinoy Pharmacists consider working abroad. In typical community settings, how much a Pharmacist can earn? 8K, 9K, 10K? And that’s gross income. You are fortunate if employed by big companies who can offer other benefits. Others will end in putting up their own drugstores. Well, if you have money and skills to do that, why not.

How’s the ‘Botika ng Bayan’ now? Is there a Pharmacist watching over the operation? I leave that for you to answer.

In other countries, there is a so called ‘locum pharmacist’. He/she is a person who temporarily performs the duties of another. For example, the regular pharmacist cannot go to work in a particular day, the owner can ask another pharmacist to work temporarily (freelancer). Just like a doctor, they can go from hospital to another to practice their profession. Even a teacher can have their substitute. Why can’t we do that as well? Many illegal operations will stop if this will be considered. This also means extra income for Filipino Pharmacists in the Philippines. This is better than seeing our registered pharmacists practicing a different profession. This is better than seeing our registered pharmacists working abroad.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Practice of Pharmacy

What is really the best practice of pharmacy? Community, Hospital, Manufacturing or Regulatory?  For me, hospital pharmacy but of course it depends on what areas your heart and mind functions best. Different person have different preferences. Different practice offers unique chances of exploring the world of pharmacy. If you’re a Pinoy Pharmacist who plans to practice abroad, Community or Hospital Pharmacy are the choices you might consider. Set your goals right. Don’t venture on fields that are not helpful in achieving your plans as Pharmacist. What I’m saying is do not accept job that are not related to your profession. Yes, some of these jobs offer huge monetary units and will definitely fatten your wallet but the question is, ‘Will your experiences be counted when you finally want to practice as Registered Pharmacist?’ I’m afraid not all time. Many hospitals would love to employ Pharmacists who already have background (at least 2 years) as Hospital Pharmacists. It is the same in community or industrial pharmacy. This is very true especially when you are applying for jobs abroad.
                                                  Photo by Mr. Melvin Dacdac

Again, just set your goals. Define what you want. There are many fields in practice of pharmacy that might suites your personality and talent. Ask other Pharmacists. I’m sure they are very much willing to give recommendations.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Philippine Pharmacists Association 2011 National Convention

The Philippine Pharmacists Association is once again inviting all Pinoy Pharmacists in 2011 National Convention which will be held at CWC, Naga City, Camarines Sur on April 6 – 8, 2011. The theme of this year’s convention is “Developing Agenda for Collaborative Pharmacy Practice”. It is such a great opportunity for all Filipino Pharmacists to participate in this kind of event. So if you have a chance, come and be updated.
                                                        Courtesy of Philippine Pharmacists Association
Do you want to participate? Please be guided with the following information.

Registration fee is as follows:
Early Bird (until February 21, 2011)              P3,300.00 + P500 PPhA Membership Fee
Registration (until March 21, 2011)               P3,500.00 + P500 PPhA Membership Fee
March 22 onwards and On-Site                    P3,800.00 + P500 PPhA Membership Fee
Student Registration                                                 Php2,500.00

For more details about the PPhA 2011 National Convention, 
please contact Ms. Mariel GlendaleTiu,
at 0919-6406-292,email address  
You can also contact the PPhA Secretariat at tel. 7344820; 
E-mail Address: or . 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

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